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Brandlehow Primary School

The PTA Team

Following the 2023/24 AGM on November 1st 2023 we welcome new members of the PTA team as below, and give our thanks to our superb outgoing PTA Chair Katherine Hill, and Jen Moore (committee member).

PTA Co-Chair: Dena Wixley, Ali Berresford

Treasurer: Tanja Petch

Secretary: Sonya Wittenburg

Committee Members: Heather Sibly, Amy Carsen, Dena Wixley, Hristina Zhecheva, Guilia Pompucci, Christa Scalo, Lenah Ueltzen-Gabell, Michelle Earby, Shannon Jensen Wedgwood.

Class Reps for 2023 / 24

Every class has one or two parents taking on the role of class rep. The reps are part of the PTA and will communicate all relevant school and PTA news to individual parents in their class. They also provide a valuable source of support for any questions or concerns. During the first couple of weeks of the new school year, each class rep will compile an email contact list for all parents in their class. 

For more information or to get involved please contact: brandlehowpta@gmail.com

Class Rep list 2022-23
Class Year Group Name
Seedlings Nursery

Gennaro Scalo

Apple Reception

Catriona Bryant

Lisa O'Rourke

Peach Reception

 Anna Scott

Amy Casey

Strawberry  Y1

Farnaz Mahootchi

Joao Marques

Mango  Y1

Gillian Wells

Hollie Russell

Cherry Y2

Michelle Earby

Catriona Bryant

Blueberry  Y2

Senem Zeybekler

Catherine Williams

Lavender  Y3

 Kate Willoughby

Victoria Herridge

Holly Y3

Margaret Karnaze

Gian Palmares

Sycamore  Y4

Emilie Nejedly

Larissa Mendes

Hazel  Y5

Ali Berresford

Alexandra Minetti 

Cedar  Y6

Zoz Hurcum

Priscilla Hornus

John Rhys Williams

Willow  Y6

Hristina Zhecheva

Nadia Nasir Chaudri

Margarita Battle