Library Fundraising News

The Brandlehow Big Read

The sponsored read is taking place over one month from 25th May until 29th June 2018.

Every child, from Reception through to Year 6, can get involved.

They simply need to decide, along with their parents and carers, which of the following sponsorship criteria they will choose:

• To be sponsored per book read OR

• To be sponsored for the amount of time spent reading: eg per 10 minute session

Then ask their family and friends to sponsor them and get reading! There is no criteria for the type of book or reading material – it could be a fiction book, factual book, newspaper, magazine, graphic novel etc. Maybe get down to your local library and pick a selection.

Please click on link for more information about Brandlehow Big Read

Launch of online fundraising page for Brandlehow Library Appeal

As many of you will be aware, Brandlehow PTA has launched an appeal to raise money for the renovation of the school library. The author workshops running this week and next week are part of this appeal and there will be other activities later this term. 

The aim of the project is to renovate the existing library to create an exciting and engaging new space that will benefit all current and future children at Brandlehow. 

To help raise the funds for this much-needed work we have launched an online fundraising page on BTMyDonate, a commission-free fundraising website.

The page can be found at: Brandlehow School Library Appeal on MyDonate

We would be hugely grateful if parents and carers would be happy to donate via this page themselves and forward the link on to family and friends who may be interested in donating to this project. 

Help us make this dream a reality! 

Many thanks,


Co-Op – Exciting Fundraising News!

The Co-op has chosen our school’s library renovation project as part of their community fund project. 

This means that members can choose to give 1% of what they spend on Co-op branded products and services to our cause.  To keep track of funds raised (if you’re a Co-op Member) you can keep an eye on the funds being raised for your cause by signing into your Co-op Membership account  If you can't see ‘Brandlehow Library Renovation’ just widen your search.

The Co-op have kickstarted the fundraising off with a share of the money from the 5p carrier bags and the reusable bags that have been sold in the community, going to our cause.

How the fund works - Every time members buy Co‑op branded products and services, 1% of their spend goes to a local cause, like ours.

For the 6 months we’re part of the fund the money builds up. Throughout the 6 months, members can choose which cause their contribution goes to.

We’ll receive the funding at the end, if members don't choose a cause during the 6 months the Co-op shares the contribution they've built up equally between the causes in their community.

We look forward to seeing how much can be raised!