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Brandlehow Primary School

Digital Leaders

Meet some of our digital leaders from previous years:

Mr Vaz










How do you become a Digital Leader?

The Brandlehow Digital Leaders are responsible for supporting teachers and pupils with technology.

They apply for the position of Digital Leader by completing an online application, explaining why they would make a good Digital Leader,  and creating their own game on the computer using any platform we have been learning about.

The applications are reviewed by Mr. Vaz and current Digital Leaders to see if their application is well-written and their game is engaging. If the pupil shows good technology skills AND is performing well in class, they may be selected as one of 9 children to join the team.

What does a Digital Leader do?

Digital Leaders have many responsibilities. They are given the jobs of creating content on the school website, helping in certain assemblies and providing photography for events. They are responsible for running small clubs on topics such as coding across years 1-4. Teachers often call upon the Digital Leaders to help in the classroom and they work closely with Mr. Vaz and Mr. Waters to provide help and resources to other areas of the school.

The Digital Leaders are also responsible for maintaining all the digital equipment used by both children and teachers, checking it is neatly stored and informing Mr Vaz if anything else needs to be ordered.

What else do you need to know?

For helping push the technology used in school, the Digital Leaders get to go to BETT fair to see what new bits of technology that could be used in school and will help choose next years Digital Leaders.

This year, the Digital Leaders worked on a website that had a range of useful information for kids to access. Check it out here: